Not to be confused with Sadie (Roleplay Reborn)

Sadie is a contestant in Total Drama Roleplay. She participates in two seasons of the series, placing eighteenth in "Total Drama Island" and eleventh in "Total Drama World".

During her time in "Total Drama Island", Sadie is placed on the Killer Bass with her best friend Katie. She mostly avoids interacting with the other contestants and is voted off after her team is unsatisfied with her performance in the sixth challenge. Owen later learns his mother is engaged to Sadie's father, making him and Sadie stepsiblings.

Finally, Sadie returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Screaming Explorers. Her stretch in the competition comes to an end when Harold forms an alliance with her to eliminate Heather, but Heather convinces the rest of the team to vote Sadie off instead. Sadie is last seen embracing Katie in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special".