Not to be confused with Katie (Roleplay Reborn)

Katie is a contestant in Total Drama Roleplay. She participates in two seasons of the series, placing seventeenth in "Total Drama Island" and ninth in "Total Drama World".

During her time in "Total Drama Island", Katie is placed on the Killer Bass. She develops romantic feelings for Cody which are not reciprocated by him, and eventually quits to reunite with her best friend Sadie after Sadie is voted off.

Finally, Katie returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Killer Survivors, where she forms an alliance with Izzy, Noah, and Trent. Katie vows to approach the game with strategy this season, but this ultimately fails when Duncan convinces the remaining members of her alliance to betray her. Katie is last seen embracing Sadie in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special".

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