Not to be confused with Geoff (Roleplay Reborn)

Geoff is a contestant in Total Drama Roleplay. He participates in three seasons of the series, placing fifteenth in "Total Drama Island", fourth in "Total Drama Action", and seventh in "Total Drama World".

During his time in "Total Drama Island", Geoff is placed on the Killer Bass. He mostly avoids interacting with the other contestants and is voted off when his team decides he naps too much to be an asset in challenges.

Geoff later qualifies for "Total Drama Action" and is placed on the Killer Directors where he forms an alliance with Beth, Harold, and Lindsay. He also establishes a relationship with Bridgette and the two remain together for the duration of the series.

Finally, Geoff returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Screaming Explorers. His stretch in the competition comes to an end when his peers vote him off for being a threat. Geoff is last seen in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special" where Izzy reveals she bailed him out of prison after his arrest at a party.