Not to be confused with Duncan (Roleplay Reborn)

Duncan is a contestant in Total Drama Roleplay. He participates in three seasons of the series, placing fourteenth in "Total Drama Island", twelfth in "Total Drama Action", and sixth in "Total Drama World".

During his time in "Total Drama Island", Duncan is placed on the Killer Bass. He conflicts with several of his peers and forms an alliance with Courtney and Eva. He also establishes a relationship with Courtney and the two remain together for the duration of the series.

He later qualifies for "Total Drama Action" and is placed on the Screaming Actors, but his team eventually votes him off.

Finally, Duncan returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Killer Survivors. His stretch in the competition comes to an end when Leshawna uses her invincibility idol to save Lindsay after she and Duncan tie in a vote. Duncan is last seen embracing Courtney in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special".