Not to be confused with DJ (Total Drama Roleplay)

DJ is a contestant in Roleplay Reborn. He participates in three seasons of the series, placing seventeenth in "Camp Drama", ninth in "Studio Drama", and thirteenth in "Global Drama".

During his time in "Camp Drama", DJ is placed on the Screaming Gophers. He befriends mostly all of his peers and earns a reputation as one of the friendliest cast members.

He later qualifies for "Studio Drama" and is placed on the Killer Grips. He establishes a relationship with Beth which lasts briefly, and is eliminated when Justin convinces the rest of the team to vote DJ off.

Finally, DJ returns to compete in "Global Drama" and is placed on Team Victory. His stretch in the competition comes to an end when he becomes the last remaining member of his team and is sabotaged by Alejandro during a challenge. DJ is last seen in "Global Drama: Alejandro vs. Heather vs. Sierra" fleeing the island with the other contestants after the volcano erupts.