Not to be confused with Beth (Roleplay Reborn)

Beth is a contestant and season winner in Total Drama Roleplay. She participates in three seasons of the series, placing eleventh in "Total Drama Island", first in "Total Drama Action", and fifteenth in "Total Drama World".

During her time in "Total Drama Island", Beth is placed on the Screaming Gophers. After she, Harold, and Lindsay are coaxed into an alliance by Heather, the trio begins to dislike her intensely; eventually, all three contestants leave the alliance, disbanding it. Beth later establishes a relationship with Harold and the two remain together for the duration of the series.

She later qualifies for "Total Drama Action" and is placed on the Killer Directors, where she forms an alliance with Geoff, Harold, and Lindsay and starts a rivalry with Leshawna which is eventually resolved. Ultimately, Beth wins the season through a vote by her peers, defeating her opponent Owen.

Finally, Beth returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Killer Survivors. Her stretch in the competition comes to an end when Katie's alliance targets her for being a threat. Beth is last seen in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special" where she reveals she stars in her own cooking show for television.