Alex is a contestant in Total Drama Roleplay. He participates in two seasons of the series, placing third in "Total Drama: Return to the Island" and seventh in "Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains".

During his time in "Total Drama: Return to the Island", Alex is placed on the Toxic Gophers. He befriends several of his peers, particularly Ethan and Schmidt, and develops romantic feelings for Vanessa which are not reciprocated by her. After he and Ethan are coaxed into an alliance and later betrayed by Ryan, Alex begins to dislike Ryan intensely but this conflict is eventually resolved.

Finally, Alex returns to compete in "Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains"; here, he is placed on the Heroic Hamsters and establishes a relationship with Alexis which continues for the duration of the series. His stretch in the competition comes to an end when Samantha sees Ethan kiss Trixie and blackmails him into voting Alex off. Alex is last seen in "The Very Last Episode, Really This Time!" boating away from the island with Brandon, Ethan, Ryan, Samantha, Trixie, and Vanessa.

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