Not to be confused with Alejandro (Total Drama Roleplay)

Alejandro is a contestant and season runner-up in Roleplay Reborn. He participates in one season of the series, placing second in "Global Drama".

During his time in "Global Drama", Alejandro is placed on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and starts a rivalry with Justin. He initially befriends several of his peers, but once his villainous intentions are revealed, he earns a reputation as one of the most hated cast members. He develops romantic feelings for Courtney which are reciprocated by her, but this attraction ends when Courtney learns of his true nature. Alejandro also forms an alliance with Blaineley and Chef Hatchet but it disbands after he betrays the former. His stretch in the competition comes to an end after he is defeated by Heather, his lover and rival, in the season's final challenge. Alejandro is last seen in "Global Drama: Alejandro vs. Heather vs. Sierra" fleeing the island with the other contestants after the volcano erupts.